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With Joomla 2.5.15+ an improved update script has been integrated into the core. The new updater doesn't rely on allow_url_fopen anymore and therefore JCurler is useless on these sites. Therefore, I released JCurler 1.2.0 that automatically disables itself on a Joomla 2.5.15+ site. Please update to the new JCurler version before upgrading your Joomla! site.

Today I released JCurler 1.1.0. This new version applys proper code styles and fixes a bug that occurs when Joomla tries to fetch an update package from an URL that doesn't end with a proper archive file extension (.zip, .tar etc.). You can either install the new version manually or (thanks to JCurler) use the built-in updater tool in Joomla ;)

Today I released the first version of a new plugin called "JCurler" which fixes the allow_url_fopen issue in Joomla! 2.5.x without changing a single line of core code by replacing the build in mechanismen with a one that is based on curl. Feel free to use and share it and give me some feedback.